November 2016 – Take Advantage of the “Fall Back” Weekend and Dance!

Come take advantage of the “fall back” weekend to dance to your heart’s content..

When: Saturday November 5, 7:30 pm; quick teaching for newcomers at 7:15
Where: Unitarian Church of Calgary, 1703 First Street N.W.
Callers: Annette LeFaive and Steven Méthot
Band: Contraband
Admission: $12.00 per person
Next dance: Saturday, December 3

Reminder of Upcoming Events

As if we needed any reminder. But with winter comes the holiday season, and sure as snow in September that means Chautauqua and a visit from Charles Dickens! This year is our 12th anniversary, and we have a really special show planned to celebrate. Mark your calendars for Friday December 9th.

Mr. Dickens will be in Alberta to present his story “A Christmas Carol” on December 1st and 15th at the Lougheed House here in Calgary, and on December 11th at the Water Valley Church Events Centre.

The websites for these two venues will be updated this week with more details.

Videos (and other media)

A nice little video by Doug Plummer of a dance called at the NEFFA (New England Folk Festival Association) meeting earlier this year. A glimpse at a really large crowd. We’ll be prompting this dance on November 5th.

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