April 2016 – Fancy a Spring Swing? C’mon out!

When: Saturday April 2nd, 7:30 pm. Quick lessons for newcomers at 7:15
Where: Unitarian Church of Calgary, 1703 First Street N.W.
Callers: Steven Méthot and James Prescott.
Band: Contraband!
Admission: $12 / person at the door.

Last month

We had a grand time.  Lesley Jefferson returned to Contraband and brought the cutest little dude along for us to coo at.  Lesley fiddled up a storm for us.  We danced a medley, a set where Steven wove two simple dances together and without practicing we danced the transition flawlessly.  We danced “Contra Corners” without stumbling.  But due to time constraints we didn’t get to dance this one that we’d promised, “The Zombies of Sugar Hill”:  https://youtu.be/eL1E4D2lkgo  We WILL get to it this month.

This Month

We have a surprise feature to share with you.  We’re not offering any hints because then it wouldn’t be a surprise, would it?  Suffice it to say that it is something that we’ve rarely attempted at one of our contra dances, and that it is something that any dancer will be able to accomplish.  For this month’s video, a look at what a typical dance might look at from a higher perspective:


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