December 2014

Snow and cold got you down?  Come dancing!

A night out tripping the light fantastic may be just what you need to dispel the late autumnal “I’m sick of winter already” blahs!

When: Saturday December 6th, 7:30 pm. Teaching at 7:15 pm.
Where: Unitarian Church of Calgary, 1703 First Street N.W.
Admission: $12.00 per person
Callers: James Prescott and Steven Méthot
Band: Contraband Returns!

Coming Events

Here’s some advance notice about special events that are happening in the coming weeks:

  • Sunday, December 7, 3:00 pm: A Christmas Carol. Steven performs Dickens with Natalie providing musical accompaniment on the harp. Water Valley Church Events Centre, Water Valley, AB
  • Friday, December 12, 7:30 pm: Chautauqua. Contact Natalie for tickets. $10/person, $25/family. NO tickets at the door! Benefit for the Food Bank. Unitarian Church of Calgary.
  • Wednesday, December 31, 8:00 pm: New Year’s Eve Contra Dance.  Unitarian Church of Calgary.


Grange dances, one of the places where Contra flourishes yet in New England.  Check out this video of a dance that fills the hall with exuberance. The dance is a fun and easy one that we’ll be calling next week!

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